Balancing Work and Family Life

What is Your Definition of Success?

If you want to create balance in your life, it is important to know how you define success.

The following list is a place to start. Cross off those that don’t seem important to you and add your own.

Next, identify which of the items on your list are the most essential to your success definition and which items present the greatest challenge to you.

  1. Being able to move on when a situation is no longer productive or positive
  2. Being satisfied with your work situation
  3. Enjoying the present, not putting off the good things until some time in the future
  4. Expressing your creativity
  5. Fulfilling your potential
  6. Holding yourself with esteem separate from your work
  7. Being authentic 
  8. Identifying your values and basing your choices on them
  9. Managing your money well 
  10. Not feeling envious of others
  11. Paying attention to your spiritual life
  12. Spending time in fun ways away from your workplace
  13. Spending time with people you cherish and enjoy
  14. Taking good care of yourself
  15. Understanding when to fight for something and when to give in

What would you add? Which items present the greatest challenge to you?

THE 80/20 RULE

The 80/20 Rule, also known as the Pareto Principle, says that 20% of what we do produces 80% of the results. Some examples of this principle are:

  • 20% of the people sell 80% of the widgets
  • 20% of the salespeople earn 80% of the commission
  • 20% of the parts in your car cause 80% of the breakdowns
  • 20% of the members of an organization do 80% of the work

The 80/20 principle can help anyone create balance in their life. Here’s how:

  1. Identify the times when you are most happy and productive (i.e., the 20% that produces the 80%) and increase them as much as possible.  
  2. Identify the times when you are least happy and productive (i.e. the 80% that produces the 20%), and reduce them as much as possible.