Is Katriela Isaacson a therapist or counselor?

Katriela Isaacson is a Relationship Coach and Educator. Professionally, Katriela is a Board Certified Coach and an ICF-credentialed Coach. She is completing her Masters Degree in Psychology. 

What is EduCoaching?

Katriela Isaacson offers a unique blend of education and coaching, which can be best described as "EduCoaching."

As a Relationship Coach and Educator, Katriela Isaacson leads the psycho-educational programs and workshops for The Marriage Clinic. Katriela incorporates coaching in our programs to give our clients receive structure, support and feedback. 

Why are you offering Psychoeducational Programs?

The Marriage Clinic is committed to helping couples succeed in their relationships. It is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of couples get divorced without getting the therapy they desperately need.

There is a great need for psycho-educational programs for relationships and supportive coaching, as preventive measures against divorce and couple dissatisfaction in marriage. Research shows that premarital education and mentoring can reduce divorce by 30 percent. And couples who receive premarital preparation enjoy greater marital satisfaction, higher commitment, and lower marital conflict.

What's the Difference between Coaching and Therapy/Counseling?

Edu-Coaching or Coaching is not a substitute or alternative for counseling or therapy.

Coaching does not deal with healing, emotional wounds or trauma, or processing emotions. It does not deal with crisis situations, and it is not suitable for couples in distress or individuals who need emotional or psychological help. 

The types of problems that typically require a referral to a licensed mental health professional include: abuse, drug addictions, alcohol dependence, ongoing infidelity, and other mental health disorders such as: depression, anxiety disorders, etc.

Relationship Coaching is not appropriate when there is spousal abuse, intractable anger or resentment, lack of impulse control, or when there is an uncooperative partner (unwilling to participate in coaching).

Coaching and therapy/counseling share many things in common. From a coaching perspective, the focus is more on education, mindset, skill building, and goal setting. 

How do I know if I am coachable?

The ideal coaching client is proactive and intentional in building a great relationship. You are ready for coaching only if you have the desire, willingness, and commitment to take action and achieve the results you want.

What are the Program Fees?

Our Signature Coaching Programs are valued at $600 per program and are a value-added benefit for our Coaching Clients. These are not available for purchase as a product.  

Coaching Programs

Regular Coaching Fee is $120/hour during office hours (9 am to 5 pm). After hours (5 pm to 8 pm) is $150/hour. Each module requires a minimum of one session to complete. Our Signature Coaching Programs are: 

Conscious Dating Success (10 module program) for marriage-minded Singles looking for their Ideal Life Partner.

Date or SoulMate (includes the Prepare-Enrich Inventory and 8 modules) for Pre-Committed Couples

Marriage BootCamp (includes Prepare-Enrich Inventory and 8 modules) for Premarital and Newlywed Couples

Marriage Reboot (includes Prepare-Enrich Inventory and 8 modules) for Married Couples

How is Coaching conducted?

Coaching can be conducted in person (office) or by telephone, for your convenience.

Is relationship coaching covered by insurance?

Relationship coaching and psychoeducational programs are not covered by insurance.