An Introduction from Dr. Jonathan Isaacson


Hi, my name is Dr. Jonathan Isaacson. I’m a licensed clinical psychologist specializing in pre-marital and marriage counseling.

If you are feeling stuck, unhappy, considering divorce, or in a difficult place with your spouse, I am committed to helping people just like yourself. I believe that with proven and timeless principles and strategies, you can create a loving marriage that will last a lifetime.

My ideal client is someone who understands the value of therapy and is motivated to make positive changes. I help my clients focus on the kind of relationship they want to have, rather than on what went wrong in the past. My personal style is educative and solution-focused, so my clients can see results in only a few sessions.

I also specialize in helping singles find loving relationships. Many times, singles (and couples) need individual therapy to overcome issues such as fear of commitment, addictions, anger management, and other psychological and emotional problems which only get exacerbated in a close relationship.

Every couple should start their married life together having learned the skills necessary to create a lasting marriage. I can help them with assessing their strengths and weaknesses, anticipate areas of conflict, and develop plans to manage problems. It is important for the couple to understand their expectations, needs, and goals in marriage. 

My work is very rewarding to me. In the span of a few weeks or months, I can see the transformation in the relationship of a couple—from pain and unhappiness to optimism, respect, and loving feelings. In the case of a couple just getting married, it’s rewarding to know that I can help them avoid the pain and frustration so common in the first year of marriage. The impact goes beyond the couple—it also positively impacts their children and generations into the future.

Thank you for visiting us. We have designed this website to give you a lot of free advice and information to help you improve your marriage and relationships. Visit us often, as new content is always being added.

My wishes to you and your loved ones that you should grow in love together and continue to love each other.

All the best!

Dr. Jonathan Isaacson